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The Kickstarter for RuneScape Kingdoms: Shadow of Elvarg Will Let Community Votes Pick Some Included Cards

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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The Kickstarter campaign for the game won't start until May 31st, but Steamforged Games is giving us a peek at the pledge tiers for the upcoming RuneScape Kingdoms: Shadow of Elvarg tabletop game. Since this is an extension of the RuneScape IP, you will find quests, bosses, lore, and an official way community votes will determine some of the final released content.

If you want just the board game and the Kickstarter exclusive content,  the Core tier will run you $80, a discount off what retail will cost. Expect a 15-hour replayable game set in Gielinor, with over 400 cards, and 16 miniatures bringing RuneScape to this format for the first time. The Kickstarter exclusive content is a set of exclusive cards and the Culinaromancer Expansion, which will come with the Culinaromancer boss campaign and Noob NPC. 

One tier up (Gameplay All-In $150) you'll get the core box, all that Kickstarter content and four expansions in total. The Deluxe All-In pledge tier will cost $195 and include all the above content as well as a game mat, four boss mats, wooden tokens, metal coins, and a special edition dice set.

Now about that part where the community votes come in to affect what the game will look like, Stoneforged is calling it an “open world adventure”. During the 10 days of the campaign,  each day will involve a vote to determine which path to take and doing so this will unlock exclusive cards for the Kickstarter tiers. These cards will be included with all tiers that include the game. It's a way to encourage pledging early since you will be able to cast your vote every day during the campaign, and a nod to how much influence the community has had in RuneScape over the years.

For more details, see the announcement at Steamforged Games. 


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