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The Keeper Challenge Returns to Albion Online

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The Keeper Challenge has returned to Albion Online, giving you all month to earn some rewards.

The Grizzly Bear is back as a popular mount and comes equipped with spells like the Intimidating Aura spell. The mount will also see a temporary speed boost when it’s attacked. How you use this speed boost is up to you. You can charge your enemies, or turn around and use that speed boost to bravely run away.

You’ll also be able to unlock the avatar ring which will provide you a unique stone and leather look. Keep in mind, this ring is non tradeable which will permanently unlock for one character. Alternatively, you can trade this ring for an Adventurer’s Token at the Vanity Merchant.

Seasonal specials are running throughout the event as well. Whenever you reach your weekly goal, you’ll unlock Keeper Challenge chests. These chests can contain rewards like Adventurer's Tomes, Silver bags, and rare resources. They can also contain several Keeper-themed furniture items and capes.

You’ll be able to earn points for this challenge through activities like gathering, fishing, farming, and defeating monsters. These points will count towards daily bonuses, weekly chests, in addition to that Grizzly Bear mount. Check out more details here.


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