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The Industrial Revolution Takes to the High Seas

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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Uncharted Waters Online has been updated with Age of Revolution Chapter 1: Industrial Revolution. The new content brings technological advancement and big changes to the game including modern firearms and the steam engine. Players will find new recipes with fewer required components in order to facilitate production.

Here's a peek at the biggest features:

  • firearms, both for players and ships, will change the battlefield. Look for crossbows, revolvers, flame throwers, Gatling guns 
  • steam engines to improve sailing and turn speeds
  • with the weather phenomena system, players will encounter various weather effects that can include having fireballs rain down from the skies
  • Aide Fleets can be deployed around the world
  • new items, gear, ship enhancements, skills, and an increased level cap

New players joining up will receive a starter package with lots of nifty stuff for those just beginning their voyage in game.

You can learn more on the Uncharted Waters Online site.


Suzie Ford

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