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The Hunt Returns to EVE Online

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The Hunt has returned to EVE Online, bringing the pod hunt back for another year and giving you the chance at rewards, bonuses, and more.

The event will run through April 13 and will task you with locating and then destroying Guristas capsules. Once you’ve destroyed them, be sure to grab the keys they drop. You can use these keys to gain access to time-limited combat sites.

You’ll be able to find these Guristas capsules in random star systems as they’re orbiting. You’ll be able to more accurately find these capsules by using your directional scanners or a probe scanner.

During this event, combat sites will be restricted to frigates and destroyers only, specifically T1/T2 faction. There will be two rooms for each site, one for all players, and one which require those aforementioned keycards.

There will also be various exploration sites set up where you can complete several hacking challenges for some loot. These sites have the same restrictions as combat sites. There’s also a daily log in bonus in the form of skins for those who log in for 10 of the 14 days of this event.

There’s also a special Abyssal Proving Grounds event going on during this 14 day period, along with several merchandising offerings on hand. You can learn more about The Hunt here. And in case you missed it, CCP revealed how some upcoming changes are set to shake up industry in EVE Online in some big ways, focusing primarily on Tech 1 and manufacturing.


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