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The Hungering One May Have Retreated, But Its Buddies Just Showed Up

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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The latest Sea of Thieves update has been deployed and comes with the news that, despite The Hungering One retreating into the depths again, more of its pals have shown up to wreak havoc on the high seas as a permanent addition to the game. These bad guys and gals are an unpredictable lot as well and have different personalities. "Some seem to turn tail at the sight of a Galleon, whilst others are said to be just as unforgiving as The Hungering One" the patch notes read.

In addition, Rare reminds players that this is the last week to take part in The Skeleton Thrones Bilge Rat Adventure and to collect all the shinies that are available for the duration. 

You can check out the full update notes on the Sea of Thieves site.


Suzie Ford

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