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The Hellbugs are Back, as Rift Gets a New Update and Shifts Maintenance Day

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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Rift has gotten a new update and it’s going to take some work to send the Hellbugs back to where they came from. This comes as the Rift team has moved its regular server restart and maintenance day from Thursdays to Tuesdays. But this new update is mostly going to cover an invasion at hand and getting those rifts closed.. 

If you didn’t like fighting Hellbugs before, this may not be the time to return to Rift now that there may be an uptick in updates. There are six new quests and a newly reskinned companion, Erebus,  available. You’ll be able to find NPCs running around in Sanctum and Meridian who will ask you for some help with the particularly large issue they’re facing and leaving everyone terrified. 

The six related quests are available now and you’ll be able to earn Chaos Motes as the event currency that you can exchange for rewards. There are two daily quests, “Burning Sensation” and “Bug Hug” and you’ll be able to get those quests at the Hellbug event NPCs in your characters’ capital. 

If you close the Hellbug rifts and help the people to beat the invasions back, you’ll be able to earn boosts like an XP boost or a 15% token boost, minions, skins, and maybe even a Hellbug  mount. Or a small one that can be your pet. If you need a reminder or just want to 

Late last year in a Gamigo financial report, it was indicated that Rift would be getting its first new major update in years in 2022, and this may just be the start of that. If so, it would be a good start to bring back an event that many players are familiar with as we all see what’s coming next for the game.

The event will run through February 7th. For more, see the update notes here over at Rift.


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