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The Harvester of Nightmares is Returning to Neverwinter

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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Neverwinter is getting the Harvester of Nightmares event once again. The event was originally scheduled to begin today but has been delayed by a week on all platforms, so you’ve got a little more time to prepare for the Nightmare Realm.

For those who do want to take on the challenge, you’ll have to be level 20 with a minimum item level of 18,000. Since you’ll be headed into the Nightmare Realm to go in search of your targets, you’ll need to help out your fellow Neverwintans by taking on the nightmares that have gripped their dreams and starve the Harvester of its resources. 

You’ll be able to cleanse these nightmares by taking on arena-style encounters to face nightmarish enemies. If you succeed, you’ll eventually get to face the nightmare version of one of the existing bosses. Defeat this boss and you’ve managed to save someone and deny the Harvester a little bit more. You can then repeat the quest by queuing up again if you want, though you’ll only get credit for the daily quest, Haunting the Harvester, once a day. You’ll still be able to earn other rewards for your efforts though.

The Harvester of Nightmares is an appointment event so you'll be able to earn currencies you can exchange for rewards. If you complete the daily quest for 14 days throughout the event you will get one Token of Achievement that you can use in the Achievement store. There's another type of reward if completed for more than 14 days: the Token of Challenge. For those who simply take part during the event, completing all the daily and bonus tasks on a day can get you Tokens of Participation.

For full details on the rewards, the options to buy out in the Zen Market, and more, see the announcement over at Neverwinter. Harvester of Nightmares will run from March 3rd through March 24th.


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