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The Hand Of Merlin Is A Rogue-Lite RPG Launching Into Early Access May 11th

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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The Hand of Merlin is an upcoming rogue-lite RPG from indie developer Room-C Games, which sees old Arthurian legends meet sci-fi horror. The turn-based RPG will hit Steam Early Access, as well as on the Epic Games Store and GOG on May 11th.

The Hand of Merlin sees players dropped into a world where the old Arthurian legends are melded with sci-fi horror in a turn-based tactical rogue-lite where every decision matters. As developer Room-C Games states, every decision is permanent and can affect how your party fights and works together down the road.

Via the press release:

"Players recruit three mortal heroes on a desperate journey from Albion to Jerusalem to explore richly-imagined medieval lands on the brink of apocalypse - assaulted by an otherworldly evil. In The Hand of Merlin, choices are permanent, the decisions you make echo for eternity and can make all the difference to your party’s synergy and combat prowess.Search for the lost fragments of your soul, scattered across the multiverse - and save as many worlds as you can. This is a world where items imbued with magical power are scattered throughout, from a peasant's humble luck charm to the legendary sword wielded by Arthur himself."

As such, combat is squad and turn-based, with positioning, tactics and coordination between the characters being paramount. The story itself is non-linear, being inspired by the old King Arthur tales, as well as the Matter of France and the history of Al-Andalus. The team behind the game is made up of devs with some serious writing chops, with Jonas Kryatzes from The Talos Principle and Serious Sam 4 as well as Verena Kryatzes who worked on The Lands of Dream writing for the game.

The Hand of Merlin is slated to launch into Early Access on May 11th, coming to PC on Steam, the Epic Games Store, as well as GOG. You can check out the launch announcement trailer, which dives a bit deeper into the game's story, below.


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