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The Golden Party Hat and Anniversary Quest Finale Out today for RuneScape's 20th anniversary

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There's a party coming to RuneScape.  And for the 20th anniversary, you can get a new version of the legendary Party Hat. The new Golden Party Hat, along with the fourth and final part of the anniversary quest, Once Upon a Time, both arrive today.

The Golden Party Hat Hunt will run through January 3, 2022. The original party hat we're giving some players in the 2001 RuneScape Christmas event. It was a novelty item without any stats and many players just discarded them or forgot about them. It was only later when those who held onto theirs  saw things change. Because they were such a limited item, they became a status symbol and marker of veteran players. With desire sometimes come sales, and some trades hit the millions or, in 2015, a record-setting 2.1 billion gold. Because they're so rare, they've even been used as collateral and investments. 

The new hat will be retired from the game, just like the original was, and will never be released in this form again. Maybe in the future this will be your ticket to 2 billion gold. In order to collect one, you’ll need to earn golden shards until you get eight of them, until you can combine them for your hat. You'll only be able to earn one hat per player.

Once Upon a Time: Finale concludes the adventure that takes you through RuneScape’s past, present, and future. The final quest will take you to three locations that will show you the potential for RuneScape’s future. You will see the Knight's Fortress, the World Gate, and the island Kami-Shima. If you complete it, you will earn 4 Quest points, new T5 magical dice, some new rewards, treasure hunter keys, and other surprises.

RuneScape’s 20th anniversary shows how an enduring MMORPG continues not just supporting an active player community,  But continuing development on new adventures.  

For more on the event and new content, see the RuneScape site.


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