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The Glorious Gourd Contest Returns to Ashes of Creation

Grand Prize Winner receives an AMD RX 5700 XT

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The Glorious Gourd contest has returned to Ashes of Creation and is set to run pretty much all month long.

The contest ends on October 27 at 11a PDT. If you want to participate, first visit the official thread on the forums. Make sure to create an Intrepid account if you don’t have one already. Next, reply in the thread and share your best Ashes of Creation pumpkin carving. This can be a physical entry, or digital entry.

If you’re submitting a physical entry, follow these instructions:

  1. Download the name submission placard here, print it, fill it out, and fold it in half.
  2. Grab a pumpkin and carve your IRL masterpiece!
  3. Take a picture that shows off your pumpkin AND the official name submission placard that includes your forum display name
  4. Upload it to the official forum entry thread here!

For digital entries, you should do the following:

  1. Download the digital Glorious Gourd template here.
  2. Create your masterpiece, either by printing the template and using physical media, or by filling it in digitally.
  3. Be sure to include your forum display name on the template.
  4. Upload it to the official forum entry thread here!

Remember, you can only submit one entry. Posting more than one will disqualify you. Judging will be judged on equal parts relation to the theme, quality, creativity, and originality. Winners will be notified either on or before October 29.

Oh and if you’re the grand prize winner (best overall), you can win the following:

  • Ashes of Creation Vintage Logo Hat
  • Ashes of Creation Vintage Logo
  • Ashes of Creation Vintage Logo Mouse Pad

Check here for other prizes and more details.


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