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The Gates of Moria to Swing Open on the Legendary Lord of the Rings Online Server This Thursday

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On Thursday, March 14th, Lord of the Rings Online players on the Legendary Server will be able to head into the heart of Middle-earth as the doors of Moria swing open. The level cap will rise to 60. Players will find that "many of the items, armors and other rewards in Moria have been updated to modern standards". There will be a ton of new Deeds and awards and much more.


  • A new bundle of items is available to players on both Legendary and non-Legendary servers in the LOTRO Store called the Reclaim Moria Bundle. This one-time offer (1/Account) includes:
    • Account-wide Goat of the Moria Sentinel steed
    • A single account-bound package for one character, with all individual contents account-bound, containing:
      • Sentinel-in-training Pet Goat
      • Gandalf /Emote
      • Moria Welcome Mat for your house
      • Hollin Gate wall engraving for your house
      • Hollin Gate permanent fireworks launcher
      • 50x Yellow Dwarf-candle consumable item
      • 50x Red Dwarf-candle consumable item
      • 50x Green Dwarf-candle consumable item
      • 50x Blue Dwarf-candle consumable item
      • 50x Orange Dwarf-candle consumable item
      • 50x White Dwarf-candle consumable item
      • 50x Purple Dwarf-candle consumable item
      • This item is available to players on both the Legendary and non-Legendary worlds.

You can read the full release notes on the Lord of the Rings Online site.


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