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Reed Hubbard Posted:
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From the official website for Earth & Beyond:

2004-09-22 : Earth & Beyond Says Goodbye

Earth & Beyond is no longer in service. After an amazing two years of galactic adventure, Electronic Arts has made the decision to close Earth & Beyond in order to focus resources on future games.

We hope you've enjoyed the game as much as we have and we'll see you again in another great EA game!

Thank you,

The Earth & Beyond Team

As of 1:00pm eastern time September 22, 2004, Earth & Beyond is no longer in service.  Condolences to the E&B faithful from the staff of MMORPG.com.  We hate to see this one go as well.  No word at this time as to what that other, "great EA game!" will be.

Goodbye, Earth & Beyond.  It was a good run.


Reed Hubbard