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The Game Awards Teases a Dragon Age Reveal and Christian Dailey Talks Turnovers

It's Like BioWare Gets a New Executive Producer Dailey

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Did you miss Dragon Age day?  You probably didn’t necessarily miss it, you perhaps didn’t realize that December 4th 2020 has been dubbed Dragon Age day, and thusly some timely tidbits surfaced about the next Dragon Age game, that can be seen during The Game Awards next week.

A tweet that popped off from Geoff Keighley’s twitter account acknowledged that Dragon Age fans will have a taste of what’s to come in one of BioWares most popular franchises.

The news drops on the heels of two of BioWares development superstars have said goodbye to the studio, as the new Executive Producer Christian Dailey humbly takes the role from former Executive Producer Mark Darrah. Christian was sure to speak directly to the Dragon Age community, and how could you not, seeing as how it was Dragon Age day.

The note on stepping into the position of executive producer was short, and mostly reaffirmed that the team’s dedication to the next game will stay strong, and that they do plan on continuing to give the series the justice it deserves, to be all it can be, to story in ways previously un-storied. You can read the note in its entirety here, or have a little taste below:

“Obviously stepping into this role on Dragon Age after Mark is a bit humbling. Mark is someone that I look up to and is a true BioWare legend. We all hope to make him proud as we look to deliver the best Dragon Age story yet, otherwise we know we’ll hear about it….”

-Christian Dailey

As more news on the next Dragon Age rears its scaly fire-breathing head, we’ll be sure to catch it. To catch up on some of the previous Dragon Age games, check out Dragon Age: Inquisition.


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