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The Future of City of Heroes

Reed Hubbard Posted:
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Yahoo! Games Domain has published an interview with Jack Emmert, the Creative Director for Cryptic's City of Heroes.  The piece, entitled, "The Future of City of Heroes: Cryptic Studios Interview," speaks as much to the present of the Super Hero-themed game as it does to the future, but it does provide an aperture on what can be expected in Paragon City:

GD: Looking forward, what do you plan to do with the game to keep it progressing and keep players happy?

JE: Our first-year goal is to expand gameplay and to expand the world. First, I want to get missions and story arcs much more interactive and immersive, so we're adding new features to the mission system to include new goals.

We're also going to be including new AI and other new tweaks to the missions, because that's really the most popular part of the game. We're also going to be adding new archetypes for people to play. We're going to be adding new types of gameplay. I'm not necessarily going to say non-combat gameplay, but new types of gameplay. For instance, a combo system, which is a good, natural fit in a superhero game. We're also going to be adding capes -- that's actually in our next update.

The entire interview can be accessed at this link.

Click here for the official City of Heroes website.


Reed Hubbard