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The Frost Challenge Returns to Albion Online With Icy Loot and Your Chance at a Frost Ram

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The new year is here and January opens up the Frost Challenge for Albion Online. This monthly challenge lets you earn challenge points, grab some rewards, and even the return of your chance to get a Frost Ram.

The Frost Ram is a mount that can carry weight so you can load it up when you go gathering in the world. And it even has a leap spell to go along with its fast movement speed. The ram is not just something to look at while you ride it and stay out of the way of its impressive horns, but something you’ll find useful for exploring.

To get your hands on the Frost Ram or other loot in the monthly Adventurer’s Challenge, you’ll have to put in some work and earn challenge points. You’ll be able to do this by adventuring out in the world killing monsters, fishing, farming, and gathering. You can get a Frost Challenge chest with a mix of guaranteed rewards and randomized items. Among these are Adventurer’s Tomes and silver bags on the guaranteed side, and on the randomized side? If you’re lucky, you can get furniture, like the snowman, a snowball pile, ice sculptures, a frost igloo, and the possibility of a Rich Noble skin. 

If you complete the full challenge in January, you can also get the Frost Challenge avatar ring, which you can trade for one Adventurer’s token. The frame will let you have an icy portrait border for  as long as you’d like. 

Yet, as with any monthly challenge, the highlight is definitely the mount. The Frost Ram won’t come easily, so you’ll have to do your part to work for the points, but it might be just the useful gift you need to give yourself this year.

For more, see the event announcement over at Albion Online.


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