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Global Agenda has been reviewed here at MMORPG.com with an emphasis on the things that make it an MMO. But when it comes to being a shooter, things stack up differently. Sister site FPSGuru.com has posted Danny 'Tenebrion' Wojcicki's review of Global Agenda. Check it out and then let him know what you think!

The gameplay itself is very well refined, fast paced, and enjoyable. The classes are all properly balanced, every class spec serves a purpose in battle, and the matchmaking system is fantastic at creating balanced matches between players of largely equivalent skill. Jetpacks give the game an extra dimension of combat to exploit, and the maps all reflect the added freedom of movement through the use of tall vertical environments. Melee weapons break up the norm of typical ranged warfare, providing a unique and visceral experience that I have yet to experience in any other shooter, free-to-play or otherwise.

Read Danny's full Global Agenda: Free Agent Review at FPSGuru.com.


Suzie Ford

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