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The Forsaken Hunter, the Newest Adventure in Sea of Thieves Brings Mystery and a Masked Assailant

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Sea of Thieves’ latest Adventure, The Forsaken Hunter is now live. And Merrick has gone missing.

Merrick has gone missing, and a mystery unfolds, continuing the storyline. After Golden Sands, he had discovered caches and supposedly set back off to go hunting again. 

In the launch trailer for the continuation of the story, it all begins with the news that Merrick has been “attacked and cut down on the sand”. A bit of a spoiler there, but if so, it’s an early one. Larinna is on the search. Whether everything is exactly what it seems is still up for you to discover, but suspicion falls on a masked individual. Uncovering who is behind the mask is one of the goals, and as the trailer says, seek the assassin. Rare has a background, good to know info, and recap for this new adventure here.

This masked assassin complains about pirates getting involved where they don’t belong and begins to unmask herself, but the trailer won’t spoil everything, of course. The next two weeks will be your chance to discover the truth behind this new mysterious turn of events.

The latest Adventure begins today and runs through July 14th. These limited-time content updates continue expanding Sea of Thieves narratively, and continue pushing the overall storyline forward. After the community decided to band together and save Golden Sands Outpost, there’s more opportunity to leave your mark. 

Sea of Thieves will begin a brand new season in July, so this Adventure will close out Season Six, with the next one opening up on July 21st. That update will finally introduce captaincy to the game, letting you buy and customize, as well as name, your very own ships. 

For now, though, there’s a big mystery to be solved, secrets to uncover, and more in Sea of Thieves.


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