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The F2P Game Plan

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Flying Lab recently announced that Pirates of the Burning Sea would be going free-to-play with the arrival of the next major patch cycle. The announcement generated a lot of questions and the team has taken time to answer some of them, though a lot of detail is still missing. It's a start and includes questions about what F2P means for the game, for individuals and what "Treasure Aisle" might encompass.

What I discussed above is what it means for PotBS to switch from a subscription-only to a free-to-play model, but I haven’t yet touched on why you should be looking forward to micro-transactions. Our in-game store is called Treasure Aisle and the main thing it will offer is availability.

No matter what port you are in, you now have goods available to you ranging from consumables and xp/loot/faction buffs to shoulder pets and clothing. We are even adding a number of new and unique items including follow pets and NPC allies for PvE content. We’ll be releasing more devlogs talking about some of these items in depth in the near future.

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