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The Eldritch Horrors are Ready for You, As Path of Exile: Siege of the Atlas Goes Live on PC

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The wait is over for PC players looking forward to Path of Exile’s Siege of the Atlas update, because it has just gone live. The update is as packed as the game usually brings, with new mechanics, the new Atlas passive skill tree, new items, modifiers, and more. There’s nothing like an Eldritch Horror, right?

Speaking of Eldritch Horrors, there are two of them this time, and defeating them should be on your agenda. It won’t be a simple journey or task though. You’ll have to explore maps and kill their subordinates first. Face down The Black Star and the Infinite Hunger first if you can find them, before you ever get the shot at taking down The Searing Exarch or the Eater of Worlds. 

Those two underlines will drop some impressive rewards, including Eldritch Implicit Modifiers. Path of Exile was always going to give you some new ways of concentrating your power, of course. This new system lets you imbue these modifiers to your gear through the use of Eldritch Embers and Eldritch Ichor.  This new process does replace existing implicit mods but you can have both types of the Eldritch modifiers on an item at the same time. There are also Orbs of Conflict, which you can use to manipulate the tiers of these modifiers on your items within a six-tier range. Like the previous Scourge system, there are risks and decisions to make, as using an orb will randomly increase the tier of one modifier and lower the other.

The new skill tree is one of the big new features in the update, with passive trees now becoming one extensive passive tree with over 600 skills. Complete quests and earn skill points to slot in and shape your character’s journey. Another aspect of the new combined skill tree is that it combines some of the best skill options from the regional trees along with entirely new ones that will shape your Atlas content journey and risks you take.

For more on Siege of the Atlas, which also features reworked Atlas mechanics, new items, and a lot more, see our preview of the expansion content. For more on Path of Exile, head to the official site.


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