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The Elder Scrolls Online's Scribes of Fate Dungeon DLC, Necrom Prologue, and Update 37 Hit the PTS

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We now know where The Elder Scrolls Online is aiming to take us all in 2023 after the Necrom reveal. While that’s a while away yet, the PTS now has the first big update of the year, Scribes of Fate, along with Update 37 to test out on PC and Mac.

Scribes of Fate is an upcoming dungeon DLC and does begin the Shadow Over Morrowind Aventure. You’ll be able to also play through Necrom’s Prologue quest, Eye of Fate.

There will be two four-player PvE dungeons in this DLC:

“In Bal Sunnar, you’ll help the Psijic Order investigate and contain a strange power emanating from a mysterious township. In Scrivener’s Hall, you’ll fight your way through the twisted acolytes of the Scribes of Mora and confront their villainous new leader, Valinna.”

Of course, a good job in the dungeons will lead to rewards for completion. Those rewards will include item sets, collectibles, and new achievements.

Update 37 is also on the table for testing to help ZeniMax polish things up. This update for the base game packs in a few new PvP item sets, new furnishing items, quality of life improvements, a new house, and  combat and class balance changes, including new options.

One of the quality of life changes is an adjustment to some daily and weekly timers, which will now be aligned to the same timer as the daily login reward. 

The new features also include an important accessibility change–screen narration. This can be enabled from the accessibility settings if you run ESO in Accessibility Mode. For those with limited vision, screen narration can really help enrich the experience and allow them to play. Most UI screens will be fully narrated, with more to be added. The new feature supports all currently-supported languages that The Elder Scrolls Online is available in.

For those bored with already available home options, maybe the new Fogbreak Lighthouse is more your thing? It is on the way in Update 37, complete with space, a beacon to guide ships, and an undercroft. 

You can read the full patch notes and details on testing on the PTS over at The Elder Scrolls Online.


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