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The Elder Scrolls Online's Lost Depths DLC Live On PC, Mac And Stadia Today

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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The latest update in the Legacy of the Bretons storyline has hit The Elder Scrolls Online. The Lost Depths DLC brings two new dungeons alongside Update 35 to PC, Mac and Stadia today. 

The new dungeon DLC is the latest in the year-long story that tells the tale of the Bretons in Tamriel and beyond, with adventurers continuing their adventures on the outwardly idyllic isle of High Isle. Picking up where this year's major chapter left off, players will be able to explore two new dungeons: Earthen Root Enclave and Graven Deep, each with their own stories to tell.

Graven Deep has players team up with the Mage Dhulef as you try to understand and put a stop to the storms that ravage ships off the coast of the Systres Archpelago. 

"Explore a mysterious uncharted island and help Dhulef of the Mages Guild delve into a vast underwater Dwarven facility. But be warned. The isle you and your party have landed upon is home to all manner of deadly beasts. Additionally, within the depths of the enormous undersea complex, the lost souls of sailors protect an ancient secret."

Meanwhile, with Earthen Root Enclave, players will meet up with the Druid Laurel in an effort to dislodge the interloping Firesong Circle from the ancient Druid sanctuary. 

Lost Depths is available as part of ESO Plus to subscribers, otherwise it will run players a handsome 4000 Crowns from the in-game store. As always, the DLC brings with it a free patch for all players. This time, Update 35, brings new balance passes, bug fixes, new weapon and armor sets, furnishings, and notably special Battlegrounds Weekends. 


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