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The Elder Scrolls Online's Lost Depths DLC Is Now Live On Xbox and PlayStation Consoles

Brings two new dungeons to explore

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The latest dungeon DLC as part of this year's Legacy of the Bretons storyline for The Elder Scrolls Online, Lost Depths, is now live on PlayStation and Xbox consoles. This update hits alongside Update 35, which brings balance changes and much more.

The DLC, Lost Depths, brings two new major dungeons that continue the story that has been told throughout the year, most recently in the latest Chapter release, High Isle. The two new dungeons, Earthen Root Enclave and Graven Deep sees players uncover new mysteries of the Systres Archipelago in anticipation of the story's conclusion later this year.

The update, which has been out on PC, Mac and Stadia for weeks now, also comes with Update 35. This base game update applies to the MMO whether you have the dungeon content or not, and brings balance changes, fixes to ESO's combat system, as well as events to the Battlegrounds feature, among other things. You can check out the full patch notes on the ESO website.

The Elder Scrolls Online's Lost Depths DLC is available via the in-game Crown store, and is included in the benefits of an ESO Plus membership. You can read more on the official website about the new dungeon DLC.


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