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The Elder Scrolls Online's High Isle Chapter Will Feature Voice Actress Laura Bailey as Isobel Veloise

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High Isle is coming next week, and The Elder Scrolls Online has revealed that one of the new companions, the previously introduced Isobel Veloise, will be voiced by renowned voice actress Laura Bailey. Along with the announcement, there’s a new video with Laura Bailey introducing herself in the role.

Bailey is known for countless voice roles across games, and for her participation in the popular Critical Role series. Isobel Veloise, a knight aspirant and member of the Veloise merchant family, is one of the two recruitable companions coming in High Isle, and she’s described as "dedicated, fearless, and kind” in the blog originally introducing her. Isobel has wanted to be a knight for a long time, and she has been “shaped by her choices. and because of that, I think she can leave the world better than she found it,” says Bailey in the video.

In her original introduction, Isobel is described as earnest and a bit of a bookworm. She’s definitely known to have come from great privilege as one of the Veloise family, but she’s set out to be a companion who might keep you in check.

Your other companion in High Isle will be Ember, a Khajiit of a very different origin, a magic user who is “used to never being in one place for long”. These two very different characters will help shape what High Isle is for players, and the announcements of voice talent and last minute reveals for what’s ahead in the new content are definitely in full swing.

The announcement of Laura Bailey as the voice of Isobel follows the recent announcement that Billy Boyd will be providing the voice of Braghas, your host and resource for the Tales of Tribute card game being introduced in the new Chapter.

For more on Isobel, head to The Elder Scrolls Online.


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