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The Elder Scrolls Online's Anniversary Celebrations Continue, This Time With Free Thieves Guild DLC and Horse

Get more rewards with boosted Endeavors

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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ZeniMax has promised to go big for the 10th anniversary of The Elder Scrolls Online and the newest event could net you more free DLC for embracing your inner thief.

The anniversary celebration continues with the Thieves Guild Anniversary Spotlight from Monday, April 15th through April 29th. Go ahead and lurk around Tamriel  and pick someone’s pocket. If you successfully pick someone's pockets and earn yourself the “Pocket Picker”  achievement, that's all you need to earn yourself some goods. Namely, the Thieves Guild DLC, which you can claim for free. If you were already skilled enough to have earned yourself the achievement before this event, then you too can claim the DLC if you don’t already own it.

Once you’ve claimed that DLC, not only will you get access to new content, a new zone, the Thieves Guild itself, and more story, you’ll get to claim another gift upon earning a new achievement – a new mount. Earn yourself the Treasure Hunter Horse after you complete the Hew’s Bane Cave Delver achievement. If you already have the DLC and achievement, again, just get in there after the event opens on Monday and claim your spoils.

Not free, but on sale during the event period is the Dark Brotherhood DLC, as is fitting for an event celebrating the darker and less law abiding side of Tamriel. If you don’t own that, you’ll also unlock the Gold Coast, Dark Brotherhood, and more on your way to assassin training if you add it to your account.

To supplement the lurking, treasure hunting, and darkness, there will also be some themed daily and weekly Endeavors relevant to the Thieves Guild and the Dark Brotherhood during the event period. So keep your lockpicks handy and maybe keep brushing up on those pickpocketing skills. Completion rewards are also boosted. 

The ESO team promises lots more anniversary events are to come.


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