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The Elder Scrolls Online Zeal of Zenithar Event Returns, Debuting Gold Road Armor Style Pages

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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The Elder Scrolls Online is still busy with folks playing through the challenges of Gold Road, but the series of regular events goes on, with the return of the  Zeal of Zenithar event next week.

The event opens June 20th at 10:00 a.m. EDT through July 2nd. Grab the intro quest, The Unrefusable Offer” and complete that to gain access to the daily quest, Honest Toil. Zeal of Zenithar celebrates hard workso every time you complete the daily quest, you’ll get a Zenithar’s Sublime Parcel, And every time you complete the quest during the same day you'll get a Zenithar’s Delightful Parcel box. You can earn yourself more Delightful Parcel boxes by completing other activities during the same day.

These boxes have a chance to net you a variety of goodies, like recipes, durable crafting materials, provisioning ingredients, repair kits, regular and siege, treasure maps, Imperial City vault keys, companion gear, and currency pouches.

New this time around is the chance to get tradable outfit style pages for the Gold Road Dragoon outfit style armor. You can only get one of these pages per day so if you are lucky enough to get one and you open another box and get a style page it will be from one of the previous Zeal of Zenithar events. 

Even if you are not chasing new gift boxes throughout the event. you can still benefit from a series of global in-game bonuses. Wayshrine travel costs are 75% off, vendors are charging half price for repairs, and discounting their prices on goods and houses by 10%. Crafting inspiration gains are also up 100%. 

The 2024 Morphing Collectible is still in play, with three fragments for the Molag Bal Ilusion Imp pet available from the Impresario. Spend your event ticket there for a number of options, including new and returning items. Bound style pages for the Gold Road Dragoon style armor are an option too.

There are many ways to earn some new goods and pad out your collection in the returning event.


Christina Gonzalez

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