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The Elder Scrolls Online Update 36 and Firesong DLC Getting Maintenance for Launch Woes

Christina Gonzalez Updated: Posted:
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 The Elder Scrolls Online  is having some issues today, with players reportedly experiencing crashes with Update 36 and the release of the new Firesong DLC on PC and Mac.

The team has been keeping the community posted on the matter, with updates being posted on the forums and the game’s social media accounts. 

The update, once it is live, will feature the Firesong DLC and Update 36 for the base game. The DLC will wrap up the year’s Legacy of the Bretons storyline, and feature new zone Galen, new item decks, the Druid King patron deck for Tales of Tribute, and much more. Update 36 also has some significant changes, like the new target marking system for the UI, a series of housing quality of life improvements, and Emperor scaling in Cyrodil. The latter will make Emperor passive bonuses dependent on the number of Keeps you control.

For more on the update, and to keep posted on the ongoing maintenance, head to The Elder Scrolls Online.


Christina Gonzalez

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