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The Elder Scrolls Online Team Offers Tips to Prepare for Ascending Tide

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 With the Ascending Tide DLC coming for The Elder Scrolls Online beginning to roll out next week, ZeniMax has published a new guide including several ways to prepare for the arrival of the DLC.

The DLC will include several dungeons and other new content and the guide starts off introducing you to some of the characters you’ll meet to start your adventure, and all three characters Kaleen, Jaakan, and Zaj’i are all available to meet now. The first two are available to all in the base game and the latter if you have the Dragonhold DLC.

Another suggestion is to join a PVE guild. Because the dungeons, Coral Aerie and Shipwright's Regret will be full of challenges and rewards. Of course being able to find the right guild is important because you will need to have a team that works well together. Additionally, they advise you to obtain appropriate gear and give several suggestions from the base game for different types of builds to go seek out to be prepared. 

Finally, the last two suggestions involve the PTS. PTS testing for the Ascending Tide DLC and upcoming update 33 for the base game, are now on the PTS. In addition to reading the PTS patch notes so you will know about some of the challenges awaiting you, as well as some of the rewards and items that you can expect to earn, you’ll be able to get a feel for what’s coming. Of course, reading the notes only gets you so far, so they also suggest testing the game on the PTS on PC or Mac, which will also give the development team more data as well as give you the opportunity to give feedback to the team before the update finally launches.

You can visit the tips for Ascending Tide over at The Elder Scrolls Online.


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