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The Elder Scrolls Online Super Sized Explorer's Celebration is Open Now

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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The Elder Scrolls Online's Explorer's Celebration is now live, running from today, October 12th through October 22nd. 

So what does the Explorer's Celebration bring you? Well, all of Tamriel will net you bonuses on almost everything you can do to progress in ESO. Enjoy the increased drops from harvest nodes other than fishing, increased XP from everything, with that bonus stacking with other XP boosters you might have handy. You'll also earn increased gold drops from killing monsters, quest rewards, and more. It's a pretty perfect time to get a character leveled and skilled up just in time to be ready for Deadlands. Whether you’re planning to play through with a new character or just want to boost up, this event is designed just for that.

The event length has been boosted by the community reaching 100% completion of the bonus goals in the recent Bounties of Blackwood event, extending this event to eight days. The last one in May ran for a few days, so this time thank the community for its efforts as you grab all that sweet extra XP and gold. This special edition of the Explorer's Celebration is open to all in every region of Tamriel, regardless of status or if you own any of the story content.

If you do own the Blackwood Chapter, however, you can also collect the spoils of the community's work from the Crown store. This will also include your free access to Deadlands when it launches on November 1st.

For more, see the official event page on the Elder Scrolls Online site.


Christina Gonzalez

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