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The Elder Scrolls Online Shines a Lore Spotlight on Unlucky Manservant Stibbons

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 The Elder Scrolls Online  has a new lore feature featuring everyone’s favorite unlucky but loyal manservant, Stibbons. 


Stibbons serves Lady Clarisse Laurent and goes along with her many plans and thus, suffers as a result of such loyalty to her bad decisions. To put it mildly. He has appeared in Orsinium, Morrowind, Murkmire, and Blackwood, so you’ve probably encountered him on your adventures. Even the devblog acknowledges his track record, captioning the devblog image with “Learn more about loyal Stibbons, Lady Clarisse Laurent’s ever-faithful manservant and victim of a many great misfortunes”.

As with many lore features for The Elder Scrolls Online, this one is written in the form of a letter. The letter is addressed to Lady Arabelle and is coming from Lady Clarisse Laurent herself. 

Lady Arabella, has inquired as to whether she should take on a manservant to assist her “in the everyday tasks that require the attention of noble women such as ourselves”, Lady Laurent confirms. Well, to explain her answer to the question that she says has no easy answer, she discusses Stibbons and 'his' misadventures.  

“Stibbons has been possessed by a ghost, turned into a goblin, captured by a somewhat pretty Daedra, frozen in a block of ice, trapped in an Argonian egg, and multiplied into numerous copies of himself. And I won’t even mention the time he misread a scroll and got entangled in a spider’s web. I spend as much gold and time getting him out of trouble as he spends getting into it!”

If you've played through those yourself, this should bring back some memories. Naturally, she isn't talking about the role she has played in getting him into those scrapes. 

The full letter then goes on to introduce some of his other qualities, and less dangerous tasks. This is a new devblog that isn’t simply tied to a new chapter promo, so the ESO team has some real fun with it. Read the full devblog to see whether Lady Laurent recommends a manservant to her fellow noblewoman.


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