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The Elder Scrolls Online Shares Writing Process for Upcoming Greymoor Chapter

Meant to drive the year-long Dark Heart of Skyrim

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The Elder Scrolls Online team recently shared some insight into what goes into writing for a new chapter like Greymoor.

The post starts with Senior Writer Randy Begel explaining the beginning of the writing process for Greymoor,

“We wanted to tell a story that leveraged a dark and brooding tone and leaned into the gothic themes. We hope that Greymoor’s long shadows feel oppressive, full of intrigue and danger.”

To that end, you must team up with Lyris Titanborne as Jorun the Skald-King tasked her with putting a stop to the Icecreach Coven of witches and their plans. But the team also shared the writing behind the monsters as well. For Greymoor specifically, this means vampires,

“The challenge came in both making these antagonists feel unique compared to so many other factions players have faced and making them still feel every bit as terrifying as they deserve. Whether we’ve been successful injecting some new blood into old, familiar foes is for the players to decide, but my hope is that their methods and motives will keep players guessing until the conclusion of our year-long narrative.”

The post also discusses how the team wants to make each questline in Greymoor stand on its own, while also feeding into the larger narrative. Eventually, this drives the year-long adventure that is the Dark Heart of Skyrim. The entire post is pretty insightful into the story-telling process behind these large expansions. You can read the full thing here.


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