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The Elder Scrolls Online Reveals Update 39 Details--and Puts it on the PC/Mac PTS Today

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The Elder Scrolls Online team revealed Update 39 today, and the update is now available on the PC/Mac PTS. 

So what can we expect from this update to the base game? Since the last update released with the Necrom chapter, this is one of those interim patches with fixes, tweaks, and other adjustments.

ESO is just the latest game to emphasize expanded and improved new player experiences. The ZeniMax team has been at it for a while, wanting it to be more than just "endless quest pin spam" early on. Some of the changes they are making include revising a number of quests in major cities so that they don't bunch up early. 

To do this, some questgivers will now only be available to players only after reaching certain levels, such as those from the Fighters and Mages Guild, which will now appear at level 7 or above. Bestowers of prologue quests will only be available if you are level 15 or above and if you are looking for Trial introductory quests, you'll have to be level 50. 

Also in update 39 are new Cyrodiil monster masks, new PVP face and body markings, and even a new PVP death/kill detailed chat notification. The team has added new achievements for existing content, and a number of achievements also have their requirements adjusted.

There's an update to event tickets to prevent missing any you weren’t able to loot. Speaking of loot, the team is improving Imperial City Treasure Scamp loot, including making the Trove Scamps drop tradeable pieces of Imperial City Gear. Item set sourcing also gets an update, adjusting item set sources to make things more organized and easier to find and get item sets.

For PC players, Occlusion Culling will be a new graphical optimization update that prevents the game client from optimizing objects that are hidden by other objects, resulting in a potential framerate boost and lower system usage. For Mac users, the PTS update also comes with a new, optimized launcher that you can choose to install with the test build.

If you choose to test the update, there are two available templates this time, one at max level  that is all kitted out, and one at level 25 that is less built and has more room to explore the new content. 

Get more details on all of the adjusted quests, new items, and fixes in the full PTS patch notes over at The Elder Scrolls Online.


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