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The Elder Scrolls Online Renews Focus on High Isle With New Community Event

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The Elder Scrolls Online may be getting the Legacy of the Bretons wrap-up DLC, Firesong, on November 1st, but this week, there’s some renewed focus on High Isle, with the Heroes of High Isle community event.

Starting this Thursday, September 29th at 10 AM ET, the event will kick off and give the chance to earn the High Isle Pathfinder achievement. If you’ve already earned it, you can still participate and help with the community meter’s progress. In order to complete the requirements, you’ll have to go to some specific locations, for which there are clues.

“To earn the Pathfinder achievement, gather an intrepid band of explorers (or go it solo) and explore High Isle by visiting all six of the unique striking locales in the zone. No, we won’t tell you where these specific locations are, but your Achievements menu might have hints!”

You can choose to do this solo or participate with a group. On September 29th, there will also be a community meter showing as many users that already completed the achievement, so if you've already done it prior to this event, you'll be counted among them. You’ll be able to explore and complete other quests to get additional rewards during the event period. There are several other ways you can get rewards, including event tickets.

The event will run through October 11th at 10 a.m. eastern. Every day the meter will update, showing the community's progress in unlocking this achievement. The more players who complete, the faster the meter will rise and hit the next mark. There are several reward stages –  33%, 66%, and 100%, with three parts. At 33% all High Isle owners will get Oak’s Promise markings. At 66%, a Plant Yourself emote. And if the community hits 100%, expect an Ascendant Hoard Box. ESO Plus members also get an Appleback Salamander pet.

There is another mystery reward to be revealed on this Friday’s Legacy of the Bretons Autumn Event stream. 

For details, read the announcement at The Elder Scrolls Online.


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