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The Elder Scrolls Online Previews Update 33, With Account-Wide Achievements, New PvP Rewards, and More

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The Elder Scrolls Online update 33, is set for release on March 14th on PC and for PlayStation and Xbox on March 29th. The team has revealed an extensive preview of what we can expect for the new additions to the game coming in this patch.

One of the big changes is to achievements. Achievements will now be account-wide so if you earn one on one of your characters, it will be completed across all of your characters. This applies to most available achievements in the game and is being done for a few reasons. For players, it gives you unlocked achievements and titles to use for all your characters without having to do the same thing over and over again. Consolidating achievements also reduces the amount of data that the database has to handle, so it should improve performance.

The update will also introduce new PVP Rewards. Worthy Coffers will have a chance to include items from these armor sets: Rallying Cry (Light), Hew and Sunder (Medium, and Enervating Aura (Heavy). These sets make different types of PVP actions more useful. One example given is Rallying Cry can boost allies’ weapon and spell damage and critical resistance after you critically heal yourself or allies. The update also introduces a new set: Dragonguard Berserker Armor, which you’ll only be able to earn through battle and trading in Tel var sStones for style pages.

Another part of the update that you’ll be able to buy for your convenience is Deconstruction Assistant Giladil the Ragpicker. She’ll break down any items you need to wherever you are. This will be the next assistant in the Crown Store when the patch drops.

The final release is tied to the upcoming Ascending Tide DLC. However, the changes will apply to the base game for everyone. For more details and the full preview of the base game additions coming in update 33, head over to The Elder Scrolls Online.


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