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The Elder Scrolls Online Previews the Saint Alessa Tales of Tribute Deck Coming in Gold Road

Choices are the hallmark of the deck, but numbers are key

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When Gold Road is out for The Elder Scrolls Online, one of the new additions will be a new Tales of Tribute Patron Deck. The team is previewing the new deck, including strategies, combinations, and even some surprises in the new deck.

Tales of Tribute is the tavern card game introduced in the High Isle Chapter, and has since received several additional Patron decks. Each Patron deck is named for and somewhat themed around a particular figure, giving an idea of some of what you can expect going in with that deck. 

The Saint Alessia deck is coming soon, and ESO’s John Carlson, one of the card gane’s devs, breaks down some of what we need to know in the latest preview Q&A. In order to get the deck, you’ll need to have Gold Road and gather five fragments from adventuring in the West Weald.

“With Alessia, players should look forward to piloting a deck composed almost entirely of agents with “Choice” abilities,” Carlson says. “This should result in a strategic play experience with lots of incremental advantages.” As far as those agent cards, this deck introduces some firsts to Tales of Tribute. 

Every turn you have one of these agent cards in play, you get to choose from one of two different abilities to be in effect. Choices are the highlight of this deck, making strategies flexible, yet most agents in the deck have small effects, and the danger is to let the army grow and grow until you’re really in trouble. If you’re playing a deck with lots of power, like Hermaeus Mora, you should be able to prevent that from happening. There are other counters to many of the choice options, and even a “Knock Out All” ability that will knock out all agents in play, including yours. Sometimes drastic times call for drastic measures. 

And if you are playing Alessia? “Saint Alessia players might consider tagging in Rajhin for some durable agents with taunt. I also recommend teaming up with Druid King to make use of their agents with trigger abilities to clench out the win,” Carlson advises.


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