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The Elder Scrolls Online Previews the Coral Aerie Dungeon Coming in Ascending Tide

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The Elder Scrolls Online is beginning to reveal more about what we can expect in the Ascending Tide DLC. The Coral Aerie dungeon is part of the update and the team at ZeniMax is pulling back the veil just a bit on the environment, creatures, bosses, and even some of the rewards we'll see.

Deep in the caverns of the Summerset northern coast, the Coral Aerie is a special location selected by the ascendant order as a hideout.  Mike Finnigan, the Encounters lead for the game explains that “the Coral Aerie  was chosen because of its access to the sky, allowing gryphons free movement. As a result, this allows the local Ascendant Order to use these ruins as a base to launch attacks against their enemies”.

What can you expect from the base? You will find Captain Kaleen, who needs your help. The ZeniMax team has also published an introduction to Captain Kaleen and it’s to be seen whether she’ll be on your side or one of your fierce enemies. Inside the base, you’ll be able to explore the area but find no shortage of creatures waiting for you.

The dungeon team prepared a four-player experience that uses the environmental storytelling, along with the creatures and the opportunity to explore a previously unused environment. We’ve never been to Summerset, so they see an opportunity. One of the things that you are encouraged to do is to explore because the ESO team has taken this approach to the entire DLC. The fact that it is centered upon something new is deliberate.

The dungeon has three bosses,  drawing inspiration from the storyline and lore. One of the bosses previewed is a large Gryphon. Encounters other than the bosses include Ascendant Order champions and various critters.

Some of the rewards you might be able to earn include titles, collectibles, and even achievements like the Coral Aerie Conqueror. Of course, you can also expect loot and item sets. 

Or more on the Coral Aerie dungeon, head over to The Elder Scrolls Online


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