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The Elder Scrolls Online Previews New Dungeon Bal Sunnar, and Stopping a Mysterious Temporal Anomaly

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The Elder Scrolls Online team previews Bal Sunnar, one of the two dungeons coming with this month’s Scribes of Fate DLC. Head into the Telvanni township in the mountains and investigate mysterious magic. ESO isheading firmly to Morrowind.

Mysterious magic is key to the premise of this new dungeon. You’ll be off in the remote east in Stonefalls, where the township of Bal Sunnar is located. There are mysterious magical energies and conveniently, you’re available to investigate–under a secret request and aided by thePsijic Order, that is. Turns out, someone is using time magic. You and the agent of the Order, Saresea, will have to investigate and explore the town, find out what caused this magical disruption, and stop whoever is responsible.

Encounters Lead Mike Finnigan tells of the premise. “Bal Sunnar is kind of tucked away in the mountains and generally keeps to itself,” he says, then references the temporal anomaly that can’t be left to continue. “Why the temporal anomaly is here in this place is a mystery. But WHAT the anomaly truly is and its ultimate purpose is an even bigger one,” he teases.

As the Telvanni aren’t exactly known for being welcoming to outsiders, preferring to keep their many secrets, there will be obstacles. However, when you arrive for the first time, some of the people seem to know you, and others may have been using the temporal magic to their own advantages. This sets up the central conflict of the dungeon. 

You'll have to face conjures, mages, and creatures during the stages of the encounter. At first, expect enemies that will probably be familiar, including Dark Elves, but things will change as you progress. Given the premise, time plays a huge role here, in both the enemies and how you’ll experience and perceive the stages of the encounters. 

There will be three major boss fights to overcome as well, and if you do, their rewards will include four new item sets, which include a brand new monster set, titles, Achievements, and collectibles, including emotes and skins. 

Read the full preview over at The Elder Scrolls Online. Scribes of Fate will be out on PC/Mac on March 13th, with console release on March 28th


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