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The Elder Scrolls Online Previews Dragonhold's Southern Elsweyr

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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With Dragonhold fast approaching, The Elder Scrolls Online is showcasing its new zone which players will explore when the DLC hits later this month on PC and November for consoles. Southern Elsweyr will be the focal point for the conclusion of the Season of the Dragon series ESO has been going through this year, and though it's still home to many Khajiit, it's distinct from its Northern neighbor.

Southern Elsweyr will bring new quests, new crafting stations and gear to unlock, world bosses and a continuation of the main storyline from the previous expansions to hit ESO this year. According to ZeniMax, the new Dragonhold zone is about as large as previous DLC story zones, think Clockwork City for scale. 

Via the official blog post:

“The people of the region are still trying to recover from the devastation of the Knahaten Flu along with wildfires from twenty years ago,” explains Jason Barnes, Dragonhold’s Zone Lead. “They can’t seem to catch a break either, as an abundance of pirates and slavers rule almost everything outside of the city walls of Senchal.”

Inside the coastal trade city of Senchal, you’ll find a diverse collection of races and people—not just native Khajiit. Because outlaws and brigands stalk the wildlands beyond the zone’s capital, many have fled to the city as refugees, all looking to the local garrison for protection

The team wanted to show that while the new zone is culturally Khajiit, the flu mentioned previously ravaged both the people of Southern Elsweyr, but also the land. As such, according to Art Director CJ Grebb, the team was able to take the "beautiful Khajiiti architecture and get it dirty, break it down, and play with the idea of a people still recovering from the traumatic events of the past."

You can check out the full post on the website here.  Dragonhold will be hitting PC on October 21st, while Xbox One and PlayStation 4 players will have to wait till November 5th.


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