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The Elder Scrolls Online Previews Deadlands and Update 32

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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In The Elder Scrolls Online, a year of content is soon to come to its end, and its arrival will be big. The Gates of Oblivion adventure will conclude with the Deadlands DLC, which will be released alongside update 32. ZeniMax previewed some of what to expect in both the DLC and the update.

The Elder Scrolls Online: Deadlands will be out before the year is up, concluding what has been a year of ongoing content releases. You'll be able to explore parts of Oblivion that may be familiar or even some that are entirely new to an Elder Scrolls game. The Deadlands, being the title of the DLC, is one of these locations, and the area known as the Burn will live up to its name. Molten rivers, flames, dangerous fiery creatures, and more, well, there will be something to keep you occupied.

A new part of the Deadlands to explore is called the Sever, and the environment is harsh, with volatile storms, and wind. Other places you may find yourself hunting, exploring, fighting monsters, or taking on public dungeons and powerful magic include the desert city of Fargrave.

Update 32 is set for November and some of the bigger changes include the new Armory system, which will let you swap your custom character builds via a free item, the Armory Station, that you can place in your home. No more tedious build swapping, respecs, scrolls, or charges.

Also probably making your life easier will be curated item set drops, which will check what pieces you have in sets and increase your chance for the missing pieces to drop. Not all sets will be curated, but this should help, along with the item set collections UI to keep track of what you’ve got. 

The Deadlands DLC will arrive with membership or as a separate purchase with crowns from the shop. For more, you can check the official update on the ESO site.


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