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The Elder Scrolls Online Lore Blog Takes Us Into Some of the Secrets and Nature of House Telvanni

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 The Elder Scrolls Online is now in full-on Shadow Over Morrowind mode with this week’s release of the Scribes of Fate dungeon DLC. There’s a new Loremaster’s Archive entry on House Telvanni.

Even seasoned Elder Scrolls vets will get a refresh. These Loremaster’s Archive blogs are always presented as in-universe letters or Q&As by characters, and this one is no different. Sorcerer Divayth Fyr is the one being ‘interviewed’ this time. “Take my words as truth, or don’t. It matters very little to me,” he says in the intro. This too is a hint at what you might expect from House Telvanni. Though he also says “House Telvanni stands alone. If you learn nothing else here today, learn that”.

The questions here cover a number of lore tidbits, from whether or not House  Telvanni has always controlled the lands around Necrom, or if that ever changed. The answer reflects both the lore history of skirmishes and competition over lands,  and the following responses also talk about House Telvanni’s titles being earned, including by some more threatening or even scheming ways. 

“In short, the magisters are a dangerous, self-selecting nest of snakes that greatly enjoy their station and power. And, nominally, make ready to put forth a new leader should the need arise.”

Throughout the lore blog, Divayeth admits to being an unreliable narrator, and his pushing the House Telvanni is the absolute language is sprinkled throughout, which is another way to learn more. 

There’s a lot more in the blog, and whoever wrote this was clearly having fun. It’s a good start, since Scribes of Fate and later, Necrom, will keep The Elder Scrolls Online community in these mysterious and dark lands for a while to come.

Read the full lore blog at The Elder Scrolls Online.


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