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The Elder Scrolls Online Is Teasing Its Next Big Announcement

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Another year, another Elder Scrolls Online year-long story. Earlier today the official Twitter account of ESO tweeted out a teaser, promising more info tomorrow on exactly what the team has planned next for the MMO series.

The teaser itself is nothing spectacular, though it definitely looks and feels different than previous years. A stormy sea rolls past as lightning strikes in the distance. While there isn't much to go by, the teaser does leave some interesting possibilities if you let your mind roam.

Could be that ESO is taking players over water to Akavir, a continent to the east of Tamriel. Additionally, the focus on a stormy sea could mean that we could be delving into the realm of the Maormer, effectively sea elves. This race of Elves lives on Pyandonea, south of the Summerset Isles. This could also mean the introduction of ships to The Elder Scrolls Online, though that could simply be wild speculation on our part.

Either way, eager players won't need to wait long as ZeniMax Online Studios is teasing that more will be revealed tomorrow, January 5th. Keeping in line with their usual schedule since the Elsweyr chapter was introduced, ESO has fallen back on telling year-long stories, with DLC, dungeons and their Chapter-Expansions all tying together throughout the year. Last year's Gates of Oblivion took players back to the Deadlands, first explored in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, while the year before saw players venture back into the icy tundra of Skyrim. Kevin recently took a look back at The Elder Scrolls Online in 2021, including the Blackwood chapter, Champion Point 2.0 system, and more.


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