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The Elder Scrolls Online Introduces the Mysterious, Independent Sea Elf Pirate Captain Siravaen

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 With the yearlong story coming to an end with next week’s Firesong DLC release on PC and Mac (and later on console), The Elder Scrolls Online is offering a new character preview. This time, we get to learn about the Sea Elf pirate, Captain Siravaen.

Told as a letter, as many of these Meet the Character entries are, the preview opens up on talk of a search of the shores of the new zone of Galen. There have been Dreadsail pirates sighted, building a stockade and keeping some of their warships in ready positions. 

“But as I passed the old castle, I blundered into an ambush. My first warning was a sword at my breastbone, held by a tall Sea Elf woman who stepped out from behind a tree.”

This is our introduction to Siravaen, who gives our letter writer an option to reveal who he really is or to potentially face more painful circumstances. He complies and identifies himself as a scout, warning that his home of Galen knows that the Dreadsail pirates are there and will fight for the future of Galen.

Captain Siravaen then notes that she is not with the Dreadsails anymore, as “we chart our own course now. I don’t answer to the sealord and I have no quarrel with Count Mornard,” she says. Clearly, she’s not with the Dreadsails, so what her real purpose is, is still a mystery, other than setting up an ambush and mentioning keeping the Dreadsails busy.

Her purpose and mission are still not clear just yet, and we’ll learn much more in Firesong. Yet, the introduction of Captain Siravaen and where her alliances don’t lie might leave some room, as the future of Galen is at stake and the potential for allies is not closed.

Read the full preview over at The Elder Scrolls Online. 


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