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The Elder Scrolls Online Introduces New Companion, Isobel Veloise, Coming With High Isle

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Companions first arrived in Tamriel with last year's Blackwood chapter, and with this year's High Isle, the Elder Scrolls Online is adding even more. The team at ZeniMax Online Studios laid out a bit of information for one of those companions, Isobel, coming with the chapter update.

Detailed in the form of an in-universe letter, Elder Scrolls Online players will be able to join Isobel while they travel the Systres Archipelago. According to the letter, the eager Knight Aspirant is keen to join one of the many knightly orders that make up Breton society on High Isle, as long as she can hold a stick.

The letter, written by Knight Commander Jourvel to High Isles Duchess Elea Dufort, describes Isobel as "dedicated, fearless, and kind." Effectively what anyone would want in a Knight. Some of Isobel's backstory is also hinted at, as her last name lets players and those in High Isle know she's a person of status thanks to her being part of the Veloise merchant family.

Isobel is one of two companions coming with High Islethe other being Ember, a Khajiit Magicka-user whose morals are a bit less straightforward than the knightly Isobel. The Elder Scrolls Online's High Isle launches in June on PC, Mac, and Stadia and PlayStation and Xbox consoles. High Isle is currently on the PTR, available to test ahead of the launch if you're eager to check out the idyllic Breton isles ahead of time. ZeniMax is also previewing the zones you'll explore, from High Isle itself to the prison island of Amenos. Earlier this month, we had a chance to go hands-on with High Isle, especially the new in-game tavern game, Tales of Tribute. You can check out more here.


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