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The Elder Scrolls Online Introduces Lady Arabelle in Latest High Isle Character Preview

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Back when ZeniMax was beginning to tease what would be coming next for The Elder Scrolls Online, mysterious packages were sent out and there was mention of one Lady Arabelle. There's a new entry in the High Isle meet the character series, and this time we get to meet Lady Arabelle Davaux.

Lady Arabelle came from a noble family, but she was someone who needed adventure so she ran away from home and joined a mercenary group in her teens to find it. She became a soldier, becoming a captain in the Lion Guard and commanding her own squad. After making her mark, she was noticed by King Emeric of Wayrest who eventually led the Daggerfall Covenant and recruited her later into spy network The Daggers. 

Some might not quite believe in her tales, while others think she may have fictionalized her adventures into a series of popular novels about one Investigator Vale. While it is said that she retired from the Daggers  and decided to become a tourist and a lady of leisure, the character profiler, once again in the form of an interview, casts some doubt on this and tries to dig into whether or not she is still active in discretely protecting the people and playing different roles in the current political schemes at play. She certainly has plenty of connections.

The character profile is in the form of an interview and Lady Arabelle discusses her reputation as well as some of what has been attributed to her, but overall the new blog gives us some insight into some of the politics and the story that we can expect in High Isle. Arabelle is a player in some way, and she is cagey and uses  charm and obfuscation skillfully. That much is clear.

When it comes to High Isle, there will be threats, along with sides to be on, and this newest entry in the character series sure sets up the intrigue well. you can read the full entry over at The Elder Scrolls Online.


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