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The Elder Scrolls Online Introduces Dhulef, Admired Ex-Pirate and Current Mage Who'll Figure in Lost Depths

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There's a new entry in the meet the character series for The Elder Scrolls Online, this time the Redguard Dhulef, a pirate turned mage, is introduced.

Referred to (in the form of a gossipy letter to Lady Lissa from Lady Linielle) as someone with confidence and swagger, a handsome man who dresses as he pleases without adhering to current fashion. He has clearly caught some attention, partly for his appearance and manner, but also for his background.

“He used to be a pirate! An actual pirate, not just one of those lazy common dockhands that move Mornard goods across the archipelago and pretend to be salt-worn and hardy. He’s been all over Tamriel and tells all kinds of stories! Most of his tales are unfit for court, mind you. Those are usually my favorite, and he’s not shy about sharing them with whoever wants to listen,” reads the letter, in part.

For an ex-pirate and now mage to be at court (at Castle Mornard) is clearly grabbing attention, though he’s open about his past and about his position now in the Mage’s Guild.  

One line in particular here is of interest, since it refers to a character from a prior entry you might remember if you’ve been following.

“Dhulef mentioned to me the last time we talked that he was off to help some druid named Laurel. I don’t know what I’m feeling about that, but it could be jealousy. He did assure me he would be back soon. He even hinted that he and the count had something to discuss upon his return. I hope his absence doesn’t go on too long.”

To what ends will this lead to? There are secrets in the Systres to uncover. These latest entries in the series focus on the upcoming Lost Depths DLC pack that will be out August 22nd on PC and console on September 6th. 

Read the full devblog over at The Elder Scrolls Online.


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