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The Elder Scrolls Online Introduces Billy Boyd as Braghas, Your Tales of Tribute Guide in High Isle

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With a recent devblog already introducing us to the ins and outs of what we can expect from Tales of Tribute when High Isle arrives, it seems that The Elder Scrolls Online had one more surprise to share. Actor Billy Boyd has joined the cast and he will play Braghas, who will introduce players to Tales of Tribute in the game.

Boyd should be familiar to many as Peregrin “Pippin” Took from the Lord of the Rings films, or any number of other roles. The Scottish actor and singer also has extensive theater credits, and when it comes to Braghas, and voice acting, that training will come through. While he’ll introduce you to Tales of Tribute and be there when you’re looking to play, he’ll also have much advice to give (and more than a few warnings, it seems). 

In the new trailer introducing Braghas, Boyd says “He’s a gambler, he’s a talker, he likes people” and this definitely suits someone who plays a kind of host role for this brand new feature. “He is just all in on everything.” Since Tales of Tribute is a game within a game, having an NPC to serve in this way does seem to give the new feature some additional flavor as well as both a resource and someone to cheer you on.

This week, we got a taste of just what we can expect from the card game, which is a two player match taking place in a tavern. Each player will have access to patron decks, four of which are given after the tutorial, and four more that are unlockable in some way. Those decks will be themed based on the patron for whom the deck is named, and lean towards a particular playstyle.

High Isle will be out on PC on June 6th and console on June 21. For more, head to The Elder Scrolls Online.


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