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The Elder Scrolls Online Highlights Five Marvels in Morrowind You Should Pay Attention To

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The Elder Scrolls Online has a new feature showcasing five memorable and notable sights around Morrowind you’ll want to keep an eye out for when you’re visiting the Telvanni Peninsula.

With The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind such an inspiration, if you haven't played through that one yet, it would be a good idea to do so. Surely, ESO players will be able to enjoy the new content regardless, but given the amount of nostalgia that the team has for all things Morrowind and setting the upcoming expansion content, Necrom, in this land of mystery, familiarizing yourself would be a good idea. 

Among the highlights in this preview are the mushroom towers of the coastal location of Sadrith Mora. You'll be able to experience these magical mushroom towers all around, just by looking up. Not only are they all over the place, but they’re huge, so you won't be able to miss them. 

The Telvanni are responsible for a number of creations and changes in this time period, including the vvardvarks. These critters will also be present in abundance around the island of Vvardenfall. These aren’t the only creatures that you’ll notice around these locations,so keep your eyes peeled, both for the cuter ones like the vvardvarks or others that you’ll have to guard against.

The rest of the list is centered around locations that stand out for their feeling of presence,or for their function. The ancestral tombs you’ll encounter all around reflect Dark Elf culture and their spiritual and honor practices. Afterall, “for the Dark Elves, it is a place where they can commune with their ancestors and ask for aid or protection”.  Similarly, the Tribunal you can find is where the living gods of the Dark Elves are found. 

Finally, there’s Baar Dau, a mysterious meteor suspended above Vivec City by some force. Some take it as a threat to Morrowind, and a reminder of the Tribunal’s powers.

Read the full preview over at  The Elder Scrolls Online.


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