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The Elder Scrolls Online High Isle Launch Delayed By Server Issues, Causing Extended Downtime for NA PC

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Server issues affecting The Elder Scrolls Online have been delaying the launch of High Isle  and Update 34 on the North American PC megaserver. 

Originally scheduled to launch at 9 AM EDT, the update has been pushed back several times, from 11 AM to 1 PM, then to 3 PM, and now it sits at 5 PM (UPDATE: Now pushed to 7 PM) after another extension. ESO has been no stranger to issues with server stability, particularly with the NA PC megaserver. Though recent investigations and fixes after discovering problems stemming from old hardware had also been addressed, along with additional efforts.

After server instability and bugs affected the 2020 launch of the Greymoor chapter, the Elder Scrolls Online team vowed to do better and to improve infrastructure. Blackwood launched with its own issues, though eventually there were multiple notices and updates about ongoing work on stability and performance.

High Isle is set to launch on PC and Mac today, and consoles at the end of the month. The EU PC megaserver is up, so the issues, once more, are concentrated on the North American side. The team has continued to work on server stability, but this big update ran up against the database. 

When extending the downtime again, Community Manager Gina Bruno detailed some of what the team is working to straighten out and just why this care is needed:

“As you may have seen from the maintenance banner above, we just extended maintenance for PC NA to 5:00pm EDT. The database issues we've been investigating were causing issues involving things like guilds, mail, or could even affect your ability to log in, so this is our highest priority to fix. We'll continue to update everyone in this thread.”

You can keep up with the maintenance and server status over in this post at The Elder Scrolls Online.


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