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The Elder Scrolls Online Gets an Updated Roadmap, and Some Downtime to Address Server Issues

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 The Elder Scrolls Online has a new roadmap update, filling in some of the blanks as to what we can expect later this year. ZeniMax is also working on handling some major megaserver issues, leading to some extended PlayStation downtime today.

While the team announced the upcoming chapter Necrom, and the new Shadow Over Morrowind theme, we now know that Update 37 for the base game (which the team opened up recently on the PTS), will now arrive on March 13th on PC/Mac and March 28th on console, alongside the Scribes of Fate DLC. Update 37 will add a number of changes, from new items, quality of life improvements, new house furnishings and house guests you can get from the Crown Store. The update will also introduce an important accessibility feature–screen narration. It will also add the chapter prologue quest that will lead us into Necrom.

Also coming on March 13th/ 20th is the Scribes of Fate DLC, which takes us into two dungeons, Scrivener’s Hall and Bal Sunnar, along with new item sets, achievements, titles, rewards and more. 

Necrom will be out on June 5th on PC/Mac and June 20th on console. Update 38 for the base game will also be out on those dates, but the team isn’t ready to reveal details yet. With Necrom, ESO looks to plunge full on into the new content, and of course, bring the new Arcanist class. 

This fall, we can expect quality of life improvements. This winter, the new system they have been promising will be out–Endless Dungeon Runner. Again, the team is tight lipped about this one, but details will be coming.

The ESO team was hit with some stability issues on the PlayStation megaserver, which required it to be taken offline for maintenance. That work has been completed a little earlier than expected and console players should once again have access.

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