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The Elder Scrolls Online Fixes Some Necrom Companion and Quest Issues

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The Elder Scrolls Online’s Necrom chapter and Update 38 have gotten a few fixes that address companion quest issues, make ability cost mechanics clearer, and fix some issues with the Arcanist.

Anytime there's major new content, there’s always the potential for a few bugs. Necrom is now out on PC and Mac, and will be out for consoles tomorrow, so getting some of these fixes in on the live version should help the next update too. 

Both of Necrom’s new companions, Sharp-as-Night and Azandar al-Cybiades, get multiple fixes. With Azandar specifically, there were issues that blocked players completing quests. If you unsummoned him during the quest, sometimes it would block the quest or being able to resummon him. Other issues include quests not resetting properly, being unable to open his rummage bin,and some other quest issues. Sharp-as-Night has fewer fixes, but they were major. One was leading you to the wrong place for a particular quest and a similar bug directed you to Whiterun instead of Windhelm.

Other fixes in the update run across the Necrom content and the base game. Sanity’s Edge got some fixes and a change that means Veteran or harder difficulty rewards gold jewelry instead of purple. A change that also came to Dreadsail Reef.

A few of the main story quests also got significant fixes for bugs that prevented progress or completion. This covered everything from a key asset originally being invisible to  other quest objects being buried in the terrain, other objectives being hard to reach, and a pretty significant bug that prevented you from talking to Hermaeus Mora under certain circumstances.

The base game also got some tending to, fixing issues like disappearing consumable effects, search working incorrectly, and freezes on group mounts.

The High Isle Collector’s Pack has also been temporarily removed from the Crown Store due to a bug preventing purchase. 

See the full update notes for a breakdown on all of the fixes and tweaks. 


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