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The Elder Scrolls Online Expands on Arcanist Lore, Including Why There Are More Now, With New Preview

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The Elder Scrolls Online has another new lore preview. After introducing us to Necrom companion Azandar Al-Cybiades, now there’s a full entry on The Arcanists.

In the usual ESO lore entry style, this introduction to the Arcanists is ‘written’ as an in-world Q&A by Azandar Al-Cybiades himself. So, given what we learned about him from his introduction, some reading between the lines might be wise. He introduces himself in a way that fits with prior impressions.

“I am Azandar al-Cybiades. Theoretician of fated potential, enigmatum accumulator, and arcanist of the highest order. It was with great pleasure I responded in the affirmative to the University of Gwilym’s invitation. A chance to answer submitted questions for a wider academic audience, how delightful!”

The first question is about how one becomes an Arcanist, the newest class coming in the Necrom chapter. This should be informative regarding the lore should you aim to play one when the new content is out. “A tome travels (somehow) from Apocrypha to Nirn and eventually finds a mortal soul that fits perfectly with its unique infralux resonance,” and this is the first step. Azander recounts his own tale of this happening. “I was running my hand along a row of spines when my book quite literally bit me. Nipped the end of my finger and drew a spot of blood. My annoyance turned to extraordinary surprise when I beheld the contents within”, he says.

That he is speaking before a group about arcanists, the second question is about what caused so many arcanists to suddenly show themselves. Of course, this ties into the class being part of the new content, and deserves a lore explanation. “Perhaps something about this event, or something like it, has changed the relationship between Nirn and the Daedric Realms. And this change, in turn, has prompted more tomes to find their way to mortal hands.”

Perhaps. We’re sure to find out more when Necrom drops in June. 

The full lore preview touches on a number of topics, including Arcanist spells and techniques, how they use runes in their spellcasting, and even how Daedric artifacts can corrupt. The mysterious magic, including the mysteries in Apocrypha, are going to play a big part in Necrom when it's out on June 5th on PC / June 20th on console.


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